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n_100.gif (866 bytes)The folks at Apollo Guide respect your intelligence and encourage you to take our opinions (and those of everyone else in the world) with a grain of salt.

The Apollo Score you see with each review represents the reviewer's personal assessment of overall quality.

n_50.gif (710 bytes)We use a 100 point scale because it's the easiest and most understandable way to provide relatively fine distinctions between the many titles we review.

Naturally, each Apollo Score is purely subjective. In fact, two different reviewers on our team are probably more likely to come up with different Apollo Scores than they are to agree.

n_1.gif (873 bytes)However, the numbers aren't picked out of thin air. Here's the basis for the Apollo Scoring System:

1 to 10 The worst ever made. Of absolutely no value.
11 to 20 Complete junk. Only minimal skill was evident.
21 to 30 Really bad. Not worth looking for strengths.
31 to 40 A waste of time. Positive attributes are severly outnumbered.
41 to 50 Poor, although some merit can be found.
51 to 60 Mediocre at best.
61 to 70 Decent, but has significant faults.
71 to 80 Very good, with few weaknesses.
81 to 90 Excellent and likely to stand the test of time
91 to 100 All-time great. Best of the best.


If you have any comments on the Apollo Scoring system, please let us know. Email us at admin@apolloguide.com.





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