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Guilty Pleasures

Here are ten films available on video that lots of people don't like very much. But maybe… just maybe… you'll get a kick out of them all the same.

The House of Yesn_72.gif (862 bytes)

houseofy.gif (15195 bytes)Parker Posey and Josh Hamilton play twins with an unholy alliance in this dark comedy by Mark Waters. Freddie Prinze Jr., plays their younger brother - obsessed with his brother's fiancée, played by Tori Spelling. It's very strange, but perversely entertaining.

Chairman of the Boardn_71.gif (862 bytes)

A passable piece of silliness with Scott "Carrot Top" Thompson as a surfer dude inventor who happens upon a fortune and must live with the consequences. Follows a totally predictable formula, but it's reasonably good fun all the same.

The Odd Couple IIn_70.gif (862 bytes)

You guessed it. Oscar and Felix are back and the biggest surprise is that it's actually pretty enjoyable. Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau return and manage to rise above the bad jokes and a few embarrassing scenes.

Starship Troopersn_70.gif (862 bytes)

Everyone fights; no one quits. Johnny Rico and the Starship Troopers war against the deadly bugs of Klendathu in this ultra-violent sci-fi satire. This is adrenaline-pumping entertainment from Paul Verhoeven, director of Robocop and Total Recall.

The Postmann_68.gif (862 bytes)

Kevin Costner is a post-apocalyptic drifter who's transformed into the leader of a band of letter carriers intent on rebuilding civilisation. The premise is a stretch and so is the excessive length of this film. Only Costner fans need attend.

Kingpinn_65.gif (862 bytes)

A has-been bowler coaches an Amish dolt to win a million dollar competition. Fails miserably despite a star-filled cast that gave it great comedy potential. From the directors of Dumb and Dumber. Starring Woody Harrelson and Randy Quaid.

The Rockn_65.gif (862 bytes)

There’s action galore as Sean Connery and Nicolas Cage breaking into Alcatraz Island to put an end to a rebel Marine general’s hostage taking. The three stars are good, but the film’s complete lack of restraint ultimately leads to disappointment.

The Fixern_61.gif (862 bytes)

Jon Voight gives a strong performance as a Chicago back-room operator who re-thinks his life after a nasty accident. Unfortunately, the rest of the film isn't up to Voight's standard, so the overall experience is less than satisfying.

The Escapen_54.gif (862 bytes)

escape.gif (14123 bytes)A movie that can't decide whether it's a fascinating exploration of the thoughts and dreams of prisoners or a standard action film about an evil prison guard pursuing an escapee. The first is worthwhile and the second definitely isn't.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generationn_50.gif (862 bytes)

Another instalment in the Leatherface series. Fellow Texans, apple faced Renée Zellweger and brawny Matthew McConaughey, are victim and psychopath respectively. This 'massacre' is a confusing, pointless but sometimes suspenseful cat-and-mouse horror flick sans horror. Inbreds will love this.






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