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For the Family

We're moving into a season when many families spend more leisure time together than during the rest of the year. This can make entertainment choices tricky, because many parents are looking for more than an electronic child-minder; they actually want entertainment they can be part of and enjoy as much as their kids do.

With that in mind, we bring you the first of two parts on Fun for the Family. This week, we feature ten films that just about anyone should enjoy. Next week, we'll focus on favourites that are suited to families with older children.

The Wizard of Ozn_91.gif (862 bytes)

wizardoz.gif (29743 bytes)A wonderful, visually spectacular fantasy about a girl trying to get home after being carried by a tornado to the strange Land of Oz. Judy Garland will always be remembered for this film packed with visual treats and catchy songs.

E.T. the Extra-Terrestrialn_88.gif (862 bytes)

This film explores the sweet and touching relationship that develops between a 10-year-old boy and an extra-terrestrial he finds abandoned in his garage. E.T. reminds us of the good, childlike parts still hidden deep inside ourselves.

anastasi.gif (23155 bytes)Anastasian_87.gif (862 bytes)

Anastasia hooks up with two con-artists on a journey to Paris. The delightfully evil Rasputin is out to murder the young Russian princess. Fox gives Disney a run for its money with fantastic animation and exciting action. Highly recommended.

The Princess Briden_86.gif (862 bytes)

Cary Elwes is Wesley, the dashing farmhand who comes to the rescue of his true love (Robin Wright), in Rob Reiner's star-studded action- adventure /romance /comedy /fairy tale. Adults will find it hilarious, while kids will love the larger-than-life characters.

Baben_81.gif (862 bytes)

Babe is a pig who wins over the other farm animals, the farm people, and everyone lucky enough to watch this wonderful, humorous film. The talking animals are remarkable and the story is interesting and heart warming.


Madelinen_78.gif (862 bytes)

Madeline, a plucky and resourceful orphan, leads her classmates in a battle to save her school in this adaptation of the children's books. Hatty Jones and Francis McDormand are terrific, and the story is full of energy and good humour. It's out on video December 15.

paulie.jpg (4250 bytes)Paulien_78.gif (862 bytes)

Talking parrot with human intelligence and personality goes in search of his long-lost first owner. It's great fun for the whole family and sweet without even a hint of excess sentimentality. Adults will like it as much as the kids.

Happily Ever Aftern_77.gif (862 bytes)

All-star voices give life to an honest, sensitive and good humoured animated feature about a little girl dealing with her parents’ marriage break-up. Produced by Henry Winkler and directed by legendary Peanuts director Bill Melendez. Well worth looking for.

Napoleonn_76.gif (862 bytes)

The sweet and enjoyable story of a little puppy who sets off on an incredible wilderness adventure. No high-tech animal tricks here, just a menagerie of cute animals with diverse personalities and lots of fun for kids and their families.

Quest for Camelotn_71.gif (862 bytes)

Warner Brothers try their hand at a splashy animated feature. It's refreshing to see a strong female lead character and a male lead with a disability, but it's disappointing that so much of it is an imitation of Disney's successes.





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