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10 From the Greed, Lust & Corruption Dept.

Whether they're influencing society or just reflecting it back to us, there can be no doubt that filmmakers love to focus on our baser motivations. Here's a selection of films, many of them extremely well made, that demonstrate this point.

Chinatownn_91.gif (862 bytes)

chinatow.gif (16577 bytes)The setting? 1940s Los Angeles. The genre? Film noir. The story? A classic involving political, economic and personal corruption. Nicholson, Huston and Dunaway give finely tuned performances, while director Polanski expertly converts Robert Towne's words to the screen.

Fargon_90.gif (862 bytes)

A kidnapping goes terribly wrong in this story of crime and idiocy. Always great visual artists, the Coen brothers have now given the world a film with an intriguing plot as well as great characters who we care about.

A Perfect Murdern_83.gif (862 bytes)

This fast-paced psychological thriller features a tight plot, believable script and effective performances by Michael Douglas and Gwyneth Paltrow. It's a successful remake of Alfred Hitchcock's Dial M for Murder that proves jealousy, greed and lust are timeless.

Cop Landn_82.gif (862 bytes)

copland.gif (12579 bytes)Sylvester Stallone stands out in his portrayal of a second-rate lawman responsible for a cop-dominated bedroom community. Dark, violent and compelling, the big surprise is Stallone more than holding his own with Keitel, De Niro and other top actors.

Boogie Nightsn_80.gif (862 bytes)

Surprisingly moralistic story (given the subject matter) about a young man’s rise to infamy as a porn star, his fall from grace, and his struggle to be redeemed. A bizarre after school special sort of movie, but also very entertaining.


The People vs. Larry Flyntn_79.gif (862 bytes)

An exploration of the life and battles of Larry Flynt, controversial publisher of Hustler magazine. Flynt's life isn't idealised, but his enemies are definitely skewered. This film leaves the viewer struggling with a variety of moral questions, as it should.

Gold Coastn_72.gif (862 bytes)

A far better than average made for pay television movie about a frustrated widow (Marg Helgenberger) and the small-time crook (David Caruso) who tries to help her escape a nasty thug. It's unremarkable, but a surprisingly solid film.

Wild Thingsn_71.gif (862 bytes)

wildthin.gif (16797 bytes)Trash-noir Hollywood style, featuring Matt Dillon as a high school counsellor who is accused of rape by students Neve Campbell and Denise Richards. Kevin Bacon plays a local cop who smells a rat. It’s your basic pure, vulgar entertainment.

The End of Violencen_70.gif (862 bytes)

A convoluted story of conspiracy, how people change, and violence. Interesting characters and a good performance by Andie MacDowell are outweighed by too much unnecessary plot baggage. We're left feeling that an opportunity to make a fine film was lost.

The Locustsn_65.gif (862 bytes)

A sexy, twisted affair in the Tennessee Williams vein. Its characters are screwed up, lustful creatures who drink too much and harbour secrets. Predictable in places but overall a fine directorial debut from John Patrick Kelley.





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