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Harvest Time

For those of us who live in the Northern Hemisphere, it's harvest season. And that brings to mind movies about, or touching on, harvest themes. A few of these might be a bit of a stretch, but there are some fun choices here.

Babe n_83.gif (876 bytes)

babe.gif (10386 bytes)Babe is a pig who wins over the other farm animals, the farm people, and everyone lucky enough to watch this wonderful, humorous film. The talking animals are remarkable and the story is interesting and heart warming. In case you're worried, Babe does avoid being harvested.

Field of Dreams n_82.gif (876 bytes)

A fantasy about baseball, healing old wounds, and making your dreams come true. As an Iowa farmer, Kevin Costner manages to make it just real enough for us to buy in and enjoy the fantasy as much as he does. Part of the corn harvest happens at an unusual time of year, but a harvest is a harvest.


Ulee's Gold n_74.gif (876 bytes)

Honey harvesting counts too. A self-consciously ‘small film’, this is a naturalistic drama that evokes a strong sense of place and character. The low-key approach fits the setting and themes, but some of the acting (particularly by Peter Fonda) is strangely wooden.

Homegrown n_68.gif (876 bytes)

Now here's a cash crop. Billy Bob Thornton and Hank Azaria star in this action comedy about some small time pot growers who have the opportunity to cash in a five million-dollar crop after their boss is mysteriously gunned down.

The Last Supper n_66.gif (876 bytes)

lastsupp.gif (20972 bytes)Whether you think of tomatoes or bad people, this one has no sense of season, but plenty of harvesting. An unsuccessful satire about five self- professed liberals who set out to rid the world of intolerant right-wingers by poisoning them one at a time. The concept and cast are good, but the script and its execution are sloppy and disappointing.






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