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Big Hairy Beasts

Everyone enjoys a movie about a big hairy beast, right? Well, we decided to push the limits of the definition. Just for fun. Check out the full reviews of these five films by clicking on the titles.

Men in Blackn_74.gif (876 bytes)

There's a definite big hairy beast in this one - a 'manufactured' movie where everyone is a smart aleck and everything is part of a marketing strategy. Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith are out to save the world from a nasty alien. No substance, but plenty of fun.

An American Werewolf in Parisn_37.gif (876 bytes)

Definitely hairy and a beast, but this is a cheap rip-off of John Landis' 1981 thriller, An American Werewolf in London. But don't confuse the two. This is nothing but a paint-by-numbers imitation. Good soundtrack, but dull story, bad acting and weak special effects make this a must-miss.

The Horse Whisperern_82.gif (876 bytes)

A horse can be a big hairy beast, right? Robert Redford directs and stars in this effective blend of humanist and naturalist filmmaking. A family enlists a 'horse whisperer' to help heal their injured daughter, her horse, and the whole family. Beautiful cinematography overwhelms the love story. Out on video November 10.


Fiddler on the Roof n_90.gif (876 bytes)

fiddlero.jpg (6864 bytes)Well, Topol kind of looks like a big hairy beast. Tevye, a poor milkman in pre- Revolutionary Russia, grapples with a changing world while trying to cling to his traditional values. Full of great songs, fine attention to detail and a masterful performance by Topol. Superb, old fashioned entertainment.

Deconstructing Harry  n_77.gif (876 bytes)

Well, he isn't big, but Harry really is a beast. Woody Allen is back with a hard-edged comedy about a writer who hurts everyone around him - a man who can't function well in life; only in art. It's disjointed and unsettling, but provides plenty of laughs along the way.






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