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The Films of Robert Duvall

afamilyt.gif (24151 bytes)For decades now, Robert Duvall has been just a step below 'Hollywood mega-star' status. Everyone recognises him, everyone respects him, but few think of him as a leading man. This might be because he has always been willing to take on quality smaller roles.

Now 67 years old, Duvall made his first screen appearances on television in 1959 and 1960. His first film role was a memorable one, as 'Boo' Radley in the great 1962 Gregory Peck film, To Kill a Mockingbird.

Since then, Duvall has had dozens of roles, many of them in top-quality productions. His recent work has been of an even higher standard.

These four films barely scratch the surface of Robert Duvall's contribution to American cinema. Each of them is well worth watching.

Apocalypse Nown_85.gif (888 bytes)

apocalyp.gif (19897 bytes)A fascinating trip up the Nang River into man’s metaphorical heart of darkness, the journey in Apocalypse Now is far more rewarding than the destination. Visually stunning, the movie is hindered by a strange, laid back performance by Marlon Brando.

Sling Bladen_85.gif (888 bytes)

Billy Bob Thorton wrote, directed and starred in this remarkable film about a man released after spending most of his life in a mental institution for killing two people. Watching this film is a tragic, uplifting, troubling and remarkable experience.


A Family Thing  n_83.gif (888 bytes)

A revelation from the past takes an Arkansas redneck north to Chicago to learn about his roots by visiting black relatives he never knew he had. Robert Duvall and James Earl Jones add thoughtful performances to a solid provocative, script.

The Gingerbread Man  n_71.gif (888 bytes)

After a one night stand, a southern lawyer gets involved up with a woman who is being terrorised by her wacky father. Instead of improving things, the lawyer's efforts get him and his family tangled in a web of danger.






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