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Summer Films

ingodsha.gif (17805 bytes)Most of us who live above the equator are eagerly awaiting the start of summer, so we thought we'd highlight a selection of films that are reminiscent of summer for us. Some are all about summer heat. Others are typical summer escapist fare. Yet more are coming of age films or the usual summer scary movies.

Summer's a great time to see a movie.

These movies aren't among the greatest we've ever seen, but they're memorable all the same. We think you'll agree these are classic summer films.


Do the Right Thingn_89.gif (1270 bytes)

It's the hottest day of the year in Brooklyn, and the tempers are flaring at Sal's pizzeria. Spike Lee's powerful and entertaining film is full of great characters. Lee poses some difficult questions, and dares us to like his answers.

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Dancer, Texas Pop. 81n_77.gif (1270 bytes)

A quiet little film about four young men poised on the verge of leaving their tiny hometown for Los Angeles. Each has reasons to leave and reasons to stay and one weekend to make their big decision.

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Earth Girls Are Easyn_75.gif (1270 bytes)

This science fiction- romance- comedy- musical is good harmless fun, as we watch romance bloom between a Valley Girl (Geena Davis) and an alien (Jeff Goldblum) whose spaceship crashes into her backyard swimming pool. Little substance but some laughs and great musical numbers.

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Summer Flingn_71.gif (1270 bytes)

summerfl.jpg (4912 bytes)Irish youth (Jared Leto) struggles with fears of the future and dreams of romance in this uneven, but interesting 'coming of age' film. Not a lot of substance to it, but the emotional ups and downs ring true.

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Basic Instinctn_65.gif (1270 bytes)

A cop loaded with personal problems becomes entangled with a woman suspected of murder. This sexy mystery-thriller isn't a terribly good movie, although it can be great nasty, raunchy fun if you can suspend your values, judgement and good taste.

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E.T. the Extra-Terrestrialn_88.gif (1270 bytes)

This film explores the sweet and touching relationship that develops between a 10-year-old boy and an extra-terrestrial he finds abandoned in his garage. E.T. reminds us of the good, childlike parts still hidden deep inside ourselves.

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U Turnn_76.gif (1270 bytes)

uturn.gif (27631 bytes)Small time scum (Sean Penn) has a string of bad luck while stranded in a hot desert town. Penn is credible and the supporting cast is strong in this exploration of poor judgement and the difference small choices can make.

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Screamn_72.gif (1270 bytes)

Wes Craven's ultra-hip and self-aware horror movie tracks yet another teenage blood bath. In a paradoxical move, Craven mocks horror movie conventions while also indulging in them. Alternatively funny and scary, it’s certainly witty and gruesome, but hardly subversive.

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Dirty Dancingn_67.gif (1270 bytes)

Lovers from opposite sides of the tracks (Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey) dance and struggle with her disapproving parents in this shallow film that's saved by great dancing and an inspirational ending that works if you give it a chance.

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In God's Handsn_55.gif (1270 bytes)

Three surfing dudes cross the world's oceans in search of the ultimate wave. This attractive film by Zalman King will be interesting to surfing fans but painful for anyone who's looking for plot, character development, acting or dialogue.

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