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Stanley Kubrick, 1928-1999

skubrick.jpg (5034 bytes)Born in New York City in July of 1928, Stanley Kubrick made a huge impression on the world of film, although he only directed 16 films and just nine in the last forty years of his life. Kubrick's films were often huge in scale and always were packed with meaning. While his works have been called impersonal, who can argue with the emotional impact of Lolita, 2001: A Space Odyssey, Full Metal Jacket and even The Shining?

Kubrick took his time with his films, taking four years between Dr. Strangelove and 2001, five years between Barry Lyndon and The Shining, seven years between that and Full Metal Jacket, and then a dozen years until his death, which came before the impending release of his 16th film, Eyes Wide Shut.

We are saddened by Stanley Kubrick's death at the age of 70, and proud to offer reviews of these four examples of Kubrick's awesome work.

A Clockwork Orangen_94.gif (1270 bytes)

clockwor.gif (21911 bytes)Stanley Kubrick's most controversial, powerful and important film is a glimpse into an Orwellian future of nightmarish ultra-violence. Social decay is mirrored by political depravity. Kubrick applies his technical genius to a story of deep ironies and enduring relevance.

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2001: A Space Odysseyn_91.gif (1270 bytes)

A sci-fi spectacular that transcends its genre to examine the basis of human existence. Despite being cold and impersonal, 2001’s exploration of space and humanity is gripping. Special effects are incredible for a 1968 film. Challenging, compelling and worth seeing.

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Dr. Strangeloven_92.gif (1270 bytes)

A mad general hatches a plan to begin global nuclear war to save America from Communist contamination. One of film’s all-time great comedies, Stanley Kubrick’s wicked Cold War era satire of the American military is brilliantly conceived and rendered.

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Lolitan_78.gif (1270 bytes)

lolita.gif (22456 bytes)Nabokov's shocking novel about middle aged man's sexual obsession with a pre-pubescent girl has its hands tied by the strict production code of its time. See it for Peter Sellers' show-stealing performance as the bloated, dissolute Quinty.

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