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And the Nominees are...

Nominees for the 1998 Academy Award as Best Picture:

Elizabethn_83.gif (1270 bytes)

elizabet.jpg (5455 bytes)The story of Queen Elizabeth I's early, tumultuous years on the throne of England is told in this fine historical drama. Cate Blanchett, in a revelatory performance, convincingly depicts Elizabeth's Machiavellian machinations and manufactured rebirth as the "Virgin Queen."

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Saving Private Ryann_89.gif (1270 bytes)

Tom Hanks and his troop are sent to retrieve a soldier whose three brothers were killed. A mediocre plot and Hollywood posturing are decimated by powerful World War Two battle scenes. This brutal, violent film is not for the weak.

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The Thin Red Line

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Life is Beautifuln_89.gif (1270 bytes)

This film's first half is an enchanting look at Guido's courtship of Dora in 1939 Italy. The second half takes us to a concentration camp, where Guido struggles to keep his family alive. A powerful, unforgettable film. Bravo Roberto Benigni.

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Shakespeare in Loven_88.gif (1270 bytes)

shakesil.jpg (4927 bytes)How did Shakespeare write his great romantic tragedy Romeo and Juliet? Shakespeare in Love presents a hypothesis, and in so doing gives us one of the year's best films. Romantic, sexy, funny and sad, this is great cinema.

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