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With all the talk of economic union in Europe, we thought this would be a good time to feature a diverse array of decent films that hail from that continent. In the spirit of co-operation, we've chosen films that are international co-productions, although we admit a few of them involve countries that aren't in the EU. But you're not THAT picky, are you?.

From Germany, Denmark, Norway and Sweden…

hamsun.gif (17060 bytes)Hamsunn_85.gif (888 bytes)

Once the embodiment of Norway, Hamsun was the infamous traitor who publicly supported Nazi Germany. Although impeded by a lengthy narrative, this sympathetic profile of an inflexible will is tender and bitter. A prime performance by Max Von Sydow.


From the UK and Italy…

Romeo and Juliet (1968)n_84.gif (888 bytes)

Franco Zefferelli's confident, traditional approach to Shakespeare's greatest love story beautifully conveys its universal themes of youthful romanticism and rebellion. The director's use of teenage leads and his unified artistic vision make this the definitive cinematic Romeo and Juliet.


From France, Belgium and the UK…

Ma vie en rosen_77.gif (888 bytes)

Seven year-old boy puts on a dress and his family's life is turned upside down. Even his own parents turn on little Ludovic. An honest, disturbing, yet entertaining, story of intolerance, small-mindedness and paranoia that's a sensitive and worthwhile film.


From France and the Ukraine…

A Friend of the Deceasedn_72.gif (888 bytes)

This Ukranian / French co-production tells the sometimes humorous story of a morose young man who changes his mind after taking out a contract on his own life. Interesting even if it doesn't let us in on what he's thinking.


From Denmark, Ireland and the UK…

Summer Flingn_71.gif (888 bytes)

Irish youth (Jared Leto) struggles with fears of the future and dreams of romance in this uneven, but interesting 'coming of age' film. Not a lot of substance to it, but the emotional ups and downs ring true.


From Spain and France…

Live Fleshn_71.gif (888 bytes)

A young man seeks revenge against the two people he feels are responsible for his imprisonment in this strange blend of humour and horror from Pedro Almodovar. There's intriguing camera work, but the film lacks convincing character development.


From Italy, France and Switzerland…

truce98.jpg (3495 bytes)The Trucen_73.gif (888 bytes)

This war movie with a difference begins as Auschwitz is 'liberated'. John Turturro stars as a survivor on his way home. It takes a disarmingly low-key approach that's fascinating, but ultimately disappoints by glossing over realities of the experience.






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